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QCCA Launches IQ Oncology to Further Develop Nationally Integrated Network

Building on efforts last year by the Quality Cancer Care Alliance (QCCA) to create the first clinically integrated network (CIN) in oncology in the United States, QCCA has launched IQ Oncology, its Management Services Organization (MSO), as a means to most effectively deliver cancer care across the membership’s 17 independent practices covering 16 States.

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QCCA Evolves to Become the First National Clinically Integrated Network in Oncology

Through the CIN model, QCCA’s network will further support its practice members through a robust health information exchange, care coordination and management services, and contracting support that will allow for the development of better methods for delivering improved outcomes in all aspects of cancer care delivery. 

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QCCA strives to improve the quality of care by marshaling the most effective therapies, diagnostics, processes, and research in the service of our patients. Cancer care is best delivered locally, in the patient’s own community, by independent practitioners who provide personal, yet technologically advanced care. Our efforts are primarily focused on helping our member practices flourish by providing them with the best business models, practice efficiencies, and financial advantages.