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The First Clinically Integrated
Nationwide Network of Independent Community Oncology Practices

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Our Mission

QCCA strives to improve the quality of care by marshaling the most effective therapies, diagnostics, processes, and research in the service of our patients. Cancer care is best delivered locally, in the patient’s own community, by independent practitioners who provide personal, yet technologically advanced care. Our efforts are primarily focused on helping our member practices flourish by providing them with the best business models, practice efficiencies, and financial advantages.

Promote Clinical Integration to Improve Quality of Patient Care by Accomplishing the Following:

Strategic Partnerships

Development of New Tools

Research Network

Data Projects

Innovative Operational Solutions

Sharing Best Practices

Central Data Connectivity

Create consistent architecture and business agreements for data acquisition, sharing, and analysis to aid member practices.  

Sharing Best Practices

QCCA excels in the collaborative effort of sharing best practices to enhance the business expertise of each member practice.

best practices

Clinical Research

Develop, disseminate, and utilize common clinical research protocols to increase trial participation, while fostering timely and efficient communication and learning throughout the network.